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About CKJ Building Construction

CKJ Building Construction was formed in 2004 as an entity to provide a vehicle within which to execute building projects in a structured manner. CKJ Building Construction was established as a family concern and has as members myself (Ferdinand Kilian), and Sanet Kilian, my spouse.

Design interpretation into costing and building planning, sub-contractor engagement, management and contracting, materials procurement and supply management, project management of all parties, overall site responsibility, construction management, customer relationship management and commercial management of all projects.


CKJ Building Construction delivers quality products and services, in-time and within budget, based on sound business principles, CKJ Construction is an efficient, experienced, accountable and innovative organization, adding value to projects undertaken, thus ensuring sustainability and profitability.


The keys to success in CKJ Construction will heavily depend on the combination of enthusiasm, experience, talent and professional efficiency. The impact of the above mentioned characteristics will have a lasting and profound effect on the company’s aim to provide quality and integrity in the construction industry: Key personnel to run every department of the business based on their expert knowledge and proven sound business principles, sustainability, quality, accountability, value added, creativity, re-engineering, sound business principles, profitability, dynamic, priority driven, innovative, effective communication.

What makes us unique

Effective contractual management, to ensure our clients that we could conclude the contract well with-in time and budget, maintaining and expanding a sustainable business, effective financial management, maximising the effective use of resources and infrastructure, ongoing marketing research, ensure high standard of occupational health and safety, ongoing skills development.

In the interest of an ongoing trust relationship between CKJ Construction and the customer, our approach to building is based on attaining the maximum level of transparency possible within both the technical and commercial processes. In a building project, there are numerous professional resources that contribute to the design and architecting phases, with an ongoing focus on technical and construction integrity.

Our Macro Project Solution

Approach CKJ operates on a basis of using specialists in each phase of construction, as opposed to the view of using large teams of generalist resources for projects. This ensures quality of work in each of the phases – i.e. specialist foundations are laid, specialist brick work is done, specialist roofing, etc.

Our Staff

CKJ Construction staff is limited to a core of specialist construction staff that leverage specialist sub-contractors that have proven themselves to us over the past ten years. CKJ staff on the project typically includes: QS/ construction/ site managers, site foremen, specialist phase foremen (team leader’s, scaffolding team), safety officer/ safety representative, medical representative, administrative staff, procurement staff – materials buying, general logistics – driver and handlers, causal staff is utilised from a know pool when required.


Premium Sub-contractors are utilised from a select group that I have delivered with successfully in the past ten years. This has proven to be the most efficient and cost-effective manner of staffing building projects and is aligned to the multi-phased approach referenced above. Individual Sub-contractors are utilised for specialist tasks only and exit the project upon completion of such tasks, unless as is anticipated in this case they move onto the same phase in the next "group" of houses in the same project.

National Home Builders Registration Council
Master Builders Association North